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6 Live Maine Lobsters

Comes with 6 Lobster Bibs, 6 Placemats and Maine Sea Salt
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Product Details

6 live Maine lobsters fresh to your door from the shores of Phippsburg, Maine. We have a pretty simple philosophy about lobster: there's never too much. Leftover lobster meat is an easy and delicious way to elevate any meal. Fold into scrambled eggs, add to a grilled cheese, or simply warm in a sauté pan with a little butter and snack on it while no one's watching.

Did You Know?

Most lobsters are a greenish brown colour but they can be yellow, white, dual coloured or bright blue! Although it is often thought lobsters are red, this is only because they turn this color when they are cooked – with the exception of white lobsters.

Two toned lobsters, where they are part one color and part another, are caused by a genetic mutation. This is very rare – there is a 1 in 50 million chance of this happening!

Our Guarantee:

At Crabby Lobster Seafood we pride ourselves on providing the absolute best Maine Lobster experience. We believe in the experience so much that we guarantee your lobsters arrive fresh and alive on the date of delivery. If for any reason your lobsters do no arrive alive, we will reimburse you for the spoiled product costs.

About Us:

Two sisters in Maine, a small coastal village with lots of fresh lobster, and a deep love for the fishing industry and its families--that's how it all started.

Shelly and Lisa have family and community bonds with the hard-working lobstermen and women that live and work along the historic, beautiful shores of Phippsburg, Maine.

Crabby Lobster Seafood is female-founded and loved by locals. Order to today and help Shelly and Lisa make fresh, live Maine lobster a treat that everyone, coast to coast, can enjoy!

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